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Swisher Memorial Hospital
539 S.E. 2nd Street
Tulia, TX 79088

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539 S.E. 2nd Street
Tulia, TX
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CEO's Message


Choosing where to receive your health care is never easy. We at Swisher Memorial are pleased you have chosen to consider us to provide medical care for you and your loved ones. We know there are other options for your hospitalization, outpatient services, or physician services and when it comes to the care of you or your loved ones, you want the very best.

You can be reassured that Swisher Memorial has advanced technologies to provide the kind of care you expect while having highly trained employees to meet your needs. It is our mission to provide superior quality health care services with genuine caring and compassion.

Our vision is, "to be recognized as a patient-focused healthcare team, committed to the quality of life of our patients and to healing of the body, mind and spirit".

That's quite a goal, but we feel you, the people of our community, deserve the very best. You are our families, friends, and neighbors and we want the very best for you. When the people I care about most in this community require care, this is where they are likely to come. With that in mind we pursue quality and service to the highest standards. We provide a comprehensive range of health care services for our community and continue to seek ways in which we can add to our current service offerings . We feel that by providing care here in town, you have better support from those close to home during your hospitalization.

You are our family and friends and that makes caring all the easier and more meaningful for us. Swisher Memorial is your community hospital . Tulia Rural Health Clinic , Swisher Memorial Home Health , and Tule Creek EMS all fully support your community hospital. We are committed to giving you high quality, great service, close to home.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our hospital or the services provided, please call me.

Health to you and your loved ones,

Ryan Barnard, PharmD, MBA, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer

Swisher Memorial Healthcare System
539 SE Second Street
Tulia, TX 79088
Office: (806) 995-8201
Mobile: (806) 340-8331
Fax: (806) 995-8283